15 May 2016
Is it a cold or allergies?
Knowing the signs can lead to relief.

Just like there are over-the-counter and prescription remedies for what ails you each Spring, People Signs can relieve the symptoms of outdated signage and wayfinding in healthcare facilities with modular sytems or custom sign programs.

You can learn more about the causes and treatments of allergies and colds from WebMD  In the meantime, here's what People Signs prescribes for hosptial signage.

Confused visitors, time lost by staff giving directions, and dead-end pathways are just a few of the symptoms of ailing hospital signage.  The problem becomes contagious as new wings are added, departments are moved, and existing directionals show signs of aging.

Three loud and clear messages emerge when you talk to designers and sign professionals with healthcare facility experience: 

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Make the signs flexible and changeable.
  3. Understand stakeholder needs while determining who has the final say.

Clear and uncomplicated is theprescription for relief in an environment where stress runs rampant. Consider elderly patients, worried visitors, nervouse first-time dads, and sleep-starved resident doctors. People - employees as well as vendors and visitors --seek out signage to help them navigate a complex building with ease.

That's why we put people first when planning a healthcare facility wayfinding program. We know the symptoms and we generally know the cure. Please check out our case studies on this site.