13 July 2016
Could you save the life of a co-worker?
Can you give CPR or find your way out of a burning building?


How prepared are you to deal with an emergency? You'll find lots of information on the official Red Cross web-site and on emergency preparedness sites in your state or community.

Click here to take the Red Cross Life Saving Quiz.
Would you know how and where to lead co-workers or visitors to safety when the lighting fails in a building emergency at your place of work?.
   Consider this:
The alarm has sounded, the lights go out, there’s smoke in the building.  Your survival may well depend upon the photoluminescent strips along the edge of the floor – below smoke levels - and on the stair treads, as well as on the glow-in-the dark lettered signs that guide you to an exit. 
Thanks to energy absorbed when the lights are on, photoluminescent materials provide up to 8 or more hours of illuminated guidance when the electricity goes off.  Used to designate floors or landings and warn of obstacles, these high-performance products are ideal for areas of buildings and structures that lack natural light and become a darkened environment without electric power.  People Signs can help you to be prepared before the lights go out. Check it out today.