10 April 2017
Are you planning a new building or renovation?
Why identifying signage needs is critical in project planning


 Did you know you can’t get a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) unless your signs meet local, state and federal codes, which requires appropriate planning?  It’s something you shouldn’t leave to the last minute, when rushing can cause critical mistakes and budget overruns.  By planning ahead, you will avoid unnecessary delays.

If you are considering a new building or retrofit, planning your signs early in the game can save you headaches and help you plan your building more efficiently.

Planning for signage,  (i.e. – directories, office signs, mandated ADA signs, department and personnel identification, and more) up front in the overall building process, helps the owner determine how the building will be navigated by various users – employees, vendors, customers and visitors.  Taking a look at floorplans from the pedestrian’s point of view enables a planner to anticipate potential roadblocks, vision obstructions and points of confusion.  From a design perspective, it might suggest how wall graphics and overhead signage will facilitate smoother movement through those points.

The experienced sign specialists at People Signs can help you through all that.  We will collaborate with you, our office furniture and design professionals, to develop an efficient, effective approach to the process, including:

·         Bid preparation

·         Client  support

·         Site & facility surveys

·         Project research & discovery

·         Determination of applicable federal, state and local sign regulations

·         Design & build services

·         Message schedule & mapping of sign locations

·         Project management

·         Installation

·         Post project report

·         Sign guidelines  manual for future needs


Our goal is to support the success of your project and point your efforts in the right direction. Contact Maggie Kelly at People Signs today at 610.434.3613 or mkelly@peoplesigns.com.