08 May 2017
Partnering with People Signs
How People Signs Plays an Integral Role in the Success of Your Project

 A successful wayfinding signage program takes active collaboration and precise planning. While the circumstances vary, -- new building vs. remodeled structure, interior vs. exterior, or public vs. private facility – the essential approach to planning and completing the project remains the same.  Here’s how People Signs® helps people find their way.

Depending upon what already may have been decided prior to choosing the signage vendor, People Signs generally will take some, or all, of the following steps:

Hold a Planning Meeting:  Taskforce established, including: signage project manager, client representatives, related contractors, and designated decision makers.  Scheduled phases coordinated with other contractors and deadlines confirmed.

Conduct the Discovery Program: Stakeholders interviewed, significant data gathered, plan review and walk-or-drive-thru survey completed. All relevant data supported with photos. Message schedule and sign types, location maps, decision points, mounting situations, viewing distances/obstructions, and room numbering determined.

Produce a Design Concept: Solutions defined based on the findings. Design approaches developed, materials recommended, budget concerns considered and regulatory – i.e.,  ADA and other laws –impact reviewed.


Obtain Final Design Approvals: Sign samples provided, prototypes tested, designs approved, final budget and timeline set.  Room numbers confirmed. Sign schedule and mapping sign-offs complete.


Produce and Install the Signs: Written approvals obtained, deliveries and installation coordinated by taskforce and internal team, production is begun, temporary signs provided as needed and signs installed on a pre-determined schedule. No signs are manufactured until the client signs final approval.

Conduct a Post Project Review and Report: Installed signs inspected on walk-thru, punch list review completed, project assessed, necessary corrections made and summary provided.


Provide a Sign Standards Manual: Sign Guide completed containing confirmed standards to be used by the client to maintain the continuity and look of the system for future changes or additions.  The Guide includes: product literature and warrantees, the Sign Design manual, Message Schedule, Location Map, templates and direction for the re-ordering and internal permissions processes.


If there is a need for a sign program on your to-do list, contact the professionals at People Signs.  We’re ready to help. Please contact us at sales@peoplesigns.com or 610.434.3613.