13 June 2017
Why Do Facility Managers Choose Changeable Insert Signs?
Facilities Pros Prefer Insert Signs

Or, more particularly, when do they appreciate changeable insert signs the most?  Answer: When they are dealing with churn.  Why?  There are more reasons than the obvious one.  


The obvious one: Whether moving one person or a whole department, all they have to do is remove the old ID insert from a sign and drop in the new.

The less obvious:

  1. Existing inserts travel to the new location.  -  ADA and office signs in a well-designed sign program are consistent throughout a facility or company. The insert can be moved with the person or department, eliminating the need for new ones.
  2. No lengthy wait for replacements as inserts for new employees or departmental changes can be produced on in- house computers.  -  Information and graphics featured in the signs are easily set up using templates and post-installation guidelines provided by the sign company.   No other tools are required.  If mistakes occur, they are easy to fix on site.
  3. No need to remove the whole sign, just the insert!  Therefore, no damage to the wall. The sign stays put, waiting for the next insert. 
  4. With no damage, there’s no need for costly repair or repainting. -  Removing a traditional office sign, whether mechanically fastened or taped to the wall with double sided tape, leaves holes or damage to the surface, requiring maintenance. That can slow down the move and increase its cost.
  5. That means less stress on the environment, keeping things “green.” It also means less stress on employees by contributing to a smoother move.
  6. And, it all amounts to saving time, money and aggravation.  A happy client is a repeat client!


Suggestion: Recommend changeable insert office signs.  Facility managers will appreciate your helpful insight.