10 August 2016
Actually, when is rush hour?
How People Signs facilitates rush hour in the workplace.

Recently Fast Company highlighted a surprising report on how office workers’ changing habits and schedules are affecting not only the workplace but traffic and maintenance on New York City subways. The question now is "What hours constitute a real “business day?”

22 May 2016
Have you read a city lately?
How a Sound Wayfinding Plan Made London Legible

As reported in the No. 12 - 2015 edition of EG, Experiential Graphics Magazine: A decade ago, following a report by Jan Gehl Architects on the need to activate and pedestrianize the center of cities -- to give the city back to walkers -- a team of information designers met to consider an open wayfinding brief for the center of a world city.

The lessons learned over the next ten years are as important for other cities as they are for planners of buildings, office complexes, university campuses, and healtcare environments.  

08 May 2016
Senior Tsunami Impacts Hospital Signage
Hospitals eye senior-friendly signage to accommodate aging Baby Boomers.


Healthcare Design Magazine reports that due to seniors' aging-induced inability to function in, and cope with, the heathcare environment, many hospitals and design professionals are reviewing the need to alter their approach to important categories like flooring, wall colors, textures, and signage to meet the evolving needs of elderly patients. This impacts their choices for furnishings, materials, and equipment in future installations.